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Terms of Service

We value our customers and have written conditions that protects both our customers and us at Blinkoh!

By ordering anything from Blinkoh you're immediately bound to these Terms of Service. This document (“terms of service”) goes over everything we will and won't do but also sets the standards we have for our platform/customers.


Blinkoh may review the Terms of Service periodically and reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time at its discretion by posting such changes on discord or on our site. Changes will be effective immediately when posted on discord or our site. Your continued use of the service following posting will constitute your acceptance of those changes. These terms of service will not apply to affiliates who are linked to Blinkoh in any sort of way.


Blinkoh is defined as a professional service provider and can deny anyone access to our services. Defaultly people are made eligible to use our services when they're 13 years old and have parental permission. When someone (“client”, “customer”) isn't over the age of 13 or doesn't abide by the laws of the United States of America, we may take the non-exhaustive list of actions:

  1. Termination of your account.
  2. Termination of your service.
  3. Discontinued contact and support.
  4. Refusal of refunds.

Blinkoh might not be capable of verifying everyone's age which may cause one person to be punished and another person to go unpunished. We tolerate privacy and don't pressure anyone into giving their age to use our platform. When we discover someone's age though, we may or may not take action.

Blinkoh is not responsible for any action taken if you're under the age of 13 or don't have parental permission.


Although our communication is based on Discord, Blinkoh is a professional service provider that strives for equal tolerance and acceptance. We have a list of standard guidelines that everyone has to abide by. We enforce these guidelines in any way we see fit which may but is not limited to: bans, kicks, revokation of service(s) without refund, timeouts or warnings.

  1. Behavior such as swearing, disrespect, racism, sexism, homophobia and other derogatory terms are prohibited.
  2. Inappropriate behavior deemed unprofessional and non-tolerant is considered punishable.
  3. We don't allow any advertisement that doesn't have a direct affiliation with Blinkoh.
  4. Disrespecting staff members and not listening to staff instructions can result in a discontinued relation to our service.
  5. NSFW content is completely prohibited.
  6. Any misuse of our platform including glitches, disallowed modifications and bug abuses are prohibited.


  1. Server Management is restricted to the specific service it was requested for and cannot be transferred to a different service.
  2. All management requests must be submitted through a ticket created under your client account.
  3. To ensure that your request is accurately fulfilled, please provide specific details. Incomplete or vague requests may require additional clarification and may delay the completion of your request.
  4. Server Management does not include the configuration of CrateKeys or similar plugins.
  5. Server Management does not cover the configuration of permissions, ranking, or kit plugins, including but not limited to LuckPerms.
  6. Server Management does not extend to in-game setup of plugins or modifications.
  7. Building of worlds, maps, and structures are not included in Server Management services.
  8. Any form of development such as plugin, addon, or mod development is not included in Server Management.
  9. We reserve the right to decline any server management request.


We (“Blinkoh”) take our security very seriously and do everything we can to protect our clients from any third-party trying to access our systems.

In order to protect our systems we need you to keep yourself to the following standards:

  1. You don't share your account information with anyone.
  2. You don't exploit any glitches and bugs in our panel that might lead to personal gain.
  3. You don't engage in any illegal activities while being a customer of Blinkoh.
  4. You don't start/use any attack software that might weaken our systems or that of other hostings.
  5. You don't try to bypass any security systems we have in place.


When using one of our services we require you to keep yourself to some standards we have in place in order to process everything the right way when it comes to payments, renewals and services, we expect you to hold yourself to the following:

  1. When an invoice is sent you will be eligible to pay for it within 7 days before the service gets suspended.
    1. When this suspension is activated you will get emailed, 48 hours after this email your service will be completely terminated and all associated files will be deleted.
    2. We are not responsible for anything that happens to your files the moment your suspension starts.
  2. When a chargeback is detected of any sorts we might push forward with legal actions or debt recollection.
    1. We consider chargebacking one of your previous payments a form of scamming which is illegal and comes with the associated consequences.
  3. When your service is terminated we might be able to recover it but can't guarantee anything.
  4. When your CPU usage is at it's limit we might suspend your service till further notice.
  5. If you think this is a mistake or want to resume your service, please create a ticket on our discord server or website.
  6. We might investigate your files for any illegal or unwanted activities, if anything comes back that we don't like, consequences might come in the form of termination or suspension


We understand that some people might not like our services which is completely fine, everyone has a different taste. Refunds and cancellations can still be abused though and since that's the case we again have a few things we would like you (“clients”) to keep yourself to:

  1. We're in no way obligated to give a refund and don't have to give you a reason for this if we don't want to.
    1. Most of the time we will still give you a reason on why you're not eligible for a refund but we're not obligated to.
  2. When your service was in any way used for personal gain you will be instantly denied the possibility of a refund.
  3. When you have been terminated, suspended or punished on our discord server before you can be denied the possibility of a refund.
  4. When your server has been used for 7 days or longer you're not eligible for a refund for that month at all.
  5. Addons or upgrades are non-refundable.


Blinkoh ensures our clients will get the most clarifying support responses we can give to resolve your issues or concerns in no time. When we deem your messages unlawful or noncompliant with our terms (“terms of service”, “privacy policy”, “service level agreement”, “acceptable use policy”) we will discontinue any contact with you.

We value our reputation and we will do everything to exceed normal expectations for support when it comes to hosting. When information is provided to us that concerns a support issue we require clients to give us clarifying content to work with, Blinkoh has the complete right to manage our support system any way we see fit. The following actions might be why we disregard your support inquiries:

  1. Inappropriate behavior.
  2. Not clear enough content.
  3. Previously or actively disrespecting support staff.
  4. Known negative reputation in the community.
  5. Too much persistence on refund inquiries.


We do not tolerate any abuse of our hosting platform, abuse can come in many different variants. Down here are a few examples that we consider abuse. Even though most abuse methods are listed down here Blinkoh is still the deciding factor in abuse cases. If we deem your actions abusive we will undertake consequential punishments.

  1. Misusing our payment systems.
  2. Misusing our panel for self-gain.
  3. Mis-interpreting website content, social media posts, control panels or our terms of service for self-gain.
  4. Abusing hosting limits set on our site.
  5. Misusing our ticket system.
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