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Minecraft Hosting

Check out our hand-crafted Minecraft hosting plans with the preferences of our customers.

We grow with you!

We want to see our customers succeed, and design our services to grow with you! As you grow, so too can your project!


We focus on performance, so you can focus on your project. We use premium hardware choices to achieve this, from ultra-fast NVMe SSDs, to carefully clocked Ryzen 9 5900X's, our hardware pick is suitable for any project.

Instant Setup

We provision your services instantly after receiving your payment, you shouldn't have to wait after paying.


We've partnered with Path.net™ to protect your services with over 10Tbps of finely-tuned DDoS protection - nobody wants their service to be down!


All our hardware is hand-built and racked by Blinkoh's finest, all so we can guarantee Blinkoh's expected quality standard.

Jar Manager

Our panel comes equipped with a server jar manager to allow you switch versions or software effortlessly.

Plugin Manager

A plugin manager automatically pulls plugins from Spigot, allowing you to pick the right plugins without the tediousness of searching.

Modpack Manager

Configuring your server for a modpack can be a daunting task, our modpack manager makes it pain free by allowing easy installation of various options!

Looking for a custom server?

Contact our team to get yourself a custom server!

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