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Our Mission


Providing our customers with Visionary hosting of the highest quality since 2021

Our Story

Blinkoh, LLC is a Florida based hosting company that was founded in 2021. We are a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to providing our customers with the best hosting experience possible. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality hosting services at the most affordable prices. We are constantly striving to improve our services and provide our customers with the best hosting experience possible.


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Amazing Staff


Here's an active timeline detailing our development!

01 01

Open For Business

Dec 2021

In December of 2021, we officially open for business and gain our first client. This began a long period of experimentation & refinement to establish the desired quality of our services.

02 02

Legally Registered

Feb 2022

In Februrary of 2022, the Articles of Organization for Blinkoh are filed and we are incorporated. This established us as no longer being just Blinkoh, but as being the legally registered Blinkoh, LLC. This was considered a achievement and milestone in our history.

03 03

Colocation Contract

Jun 2022

In June of 2022, we signed a contract with Cogent Communications to begin colocation of our servers in their datacenter. This was a huge step in our development as it granted us full quality control over our services, and allowed use to begin selling dedicated servers.

04 04

Began Purchasing Hardware

Sept 2022

In September of 2022, we purchased the first component of our first dedicated server to be used in colocation. This marked the begining of our migration to totally owned hardware.

05 05

Hardware Setup

Dec 2022

In December of 2022, the first set of our owned hardware was installed. We completely built, tested, racked, and configured our four new dedicated server nodes in addition to our single new owned VPS node.

06 06

Owned Launched

Jan 2023

In January of 2023, we completed the software testing of our new owned hardware in addition to the final touches to allow us to reliabily sell the hardware. This is our most significant milestone, marking a new era for Blinkoh, where we own all hardware available to clients, all the way up to the networking layer, protected by Path.net.

07 07

Game Hosting

April 2023

In April of 2023, we launched our new Minecraft game hosting service, marking a significant milestone for our company. With this new service, we now offer our clients a reliable and high-performance game server hosting solution, and as gamers ourselves - we really understand how servers should perform.

Check out our skilled team.

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Est. December 2021

Registered in Pensacola, Florida

Document Number L22000064747

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